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Authentic Run-Through Sash Horn

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Bristol Glazing Ltd are double glazed authentic Run-Thru sash horn specialists in Bristol and surrounding areas!

Authentic Run-Thru Sash Horns are ideal for window installations where a nostalgic touch is required.

Run-Thru Horns

These top hung windows with horns create an attractive alternative to the traditional vertical sliding window. Instead of being screwed on as an addition to the sash, the Run-Thru horn is made by milling the profile into shape. The exposed end is capped with a matching colour cap.

Run-Thru Horns over Tilt & Turn standard


The Upper Sash

The top hung casement provides a convenient and ready source of ventilation. It can also be locked in a night ventilation position.


The Lower Sash

The lower sash is a Tilt and Turn window. The top of the sash can be tilted slightly inwards for ventilation but it can also be turned 90° inwards for cleaning and, dependent upon size and position, be used for emergency escape.



Authentic Run-Thru Horns over Tilt & Turn


The full Tilt and Turn with Dummy Run-Thru Horns top sash


This window was designed specifically for the householder who wanted top over fixed with Run-Thru horns, but actually had to have a ‘fire escape’ window. To match the top over fixed windows a tilt and turn sash is fitted with a dummy sash with horns. The result is a window that has ventilation under normal circumstances and the escape facility if the worst should happen. Available in white both sides, Woodgrain foil both sides or Woodgrain foil on the outside. Woodgrain foils are Mahogany, Golden Oak or Rosewood


Tilt and Turn with Dummy Run-Thru Horns



Opens fully for fire escape and cleaning



                               Tilts for ventilation                       Which is top over fixed and which is tilt and turn?







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