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Bristol Glazing has been fabricating windows since 1979, producing a wide and varied range of high-grade quality products that not only maximises energy efficiency, but also is fully compliant with all the latest building regulations.


As a highly successful specialist in the manufacture and installation of PVC-u windows, Bristol Glazing use the fully accredited Profile 22 integrated system, that features an integral pre-applied gasket system (Bubblex) which means that frames can be glazed quickly and efficiently as the seal is welded into position. This greatly improves weathering performance and security, while aesthetically, the low line appearance maximises visual glass area and minimises the seal sightline for a better-looking finish.

Bristol Glazing windows either come glazed or unglazed, internal or externally beaded, or in 60mm or 70mm profiles, and all are made to suite your requirements exactly, making them the ideal choice for new build and refurbishment projects.

As an installer that prides itself on producing high quality every time, only the best will do, and this is certainly the case when it comes to choosing the right profile.

Bristol Glazing has been using a choice of four different profile options, (Synseal Sheild, Kommerling Connoisseur, Rehau S706/S703 Tritec for 20 years because the multi-chamfered construction of the frame gives it incredible strength and significantly increases its thermal/energy efficiency, adhering to the government’s new building regulations Document L. And not only that, but the surface of all our frames is less likely to fade, turn dull and powdery or become soiled by airborne pollutants, making it truly the first choice profile for value for money.


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