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Bristol Glazing Residential Window Films


When it comes to insulating your home or conservatory against heat and cold, a window is like a "hole-in-the-wall". In summer, ordinary glass lets the sun's heat penetrate your home, making you and your family very uncomfortable and forcing your air conditioner to work harder. In winter, glass panes lose a substantial amount of your home's heat.



We're No. 1 in the Southwest!

Solar control window film applied to the interior of your windows is a transparent "solar shield" that can reject up to 80% of the sun's heat. In summer your home is cooler and more comfortable, so you can save on energy bills. In winter, some window films trap room heat for year-round comfort. Solar control window films are available with a scratch resistant coating and in a variety of elegant tints like bronze and grey, and in neutral tones that appear virtually invisible on your windows.





Remember those summers when the sun's heat went through the roof?



Your conservatory is a very effective heat trap...

... the same could be said of roof-lights in factories. As the sun blazes down on the roof, the temperature goes through it! In recent summers, mid-afternoon heat can be unbearable for you, your family or staff and even your plants.





Please see our coolkote section for further information.

Coolkote solves the problem and here's how it works...





Treatment with Coolkote



Prevents the heat building up under polycarbonate or glass roofs by reflecting the suns heat away before it can be transmitted. Immediate and dramatic reductions in internal daytime temperatures are achieved. Coolkote is a high performance metalized PVC coating, providing an inexpensive and extremely effective solution to the problem. Bristol Glazing can apply this to your existing glass or polycarbonate roofing quickly, cleanly and with the minimum of disruption. Fully protected with Coolkote on roof and Charcoal film on doors and windows.



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