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What is Window Film?

Window film is a multi-layered, optically clear polyester, sputter-coated with exotic metals including titanium, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver and aluminum. Depending on the combination of metals used and the density of construction, these films can greatly enhance the performance of your glass.

Normally applied to the internal face and constructed with a scratch-resistance coating this multi-laminate advanced technology film will provide years of maintenance free benefits.


The Benefits

Window films provide solutions too many glass related problems and not only begin working for you the minute they are installed but continue working all year round, from sunrise to sunset.

• Safety and Security – Keeps Glass Intact
• Improved Insulation – Low ‘U’ Value
• Improved Use of Building Space
• Reduced Fading – Blocked UV Radiation
• Visual Uniformity – Enhanced Building Aesthetics
Heat Balanced Building – No Hot or Cold Zones
• Protection of Personnel and Property
• Reduced Cold Drop Near the window – Low ‘E’ Coating
• Energy Conservation – Reduced Chilling and Heating Costs
• Reduced Eye Strain – Meets regulation 7 of Workplace Regulations
• Provides Privacy or One Way Vision
• Reflects Sun’s Heat and Glare – Increased Productivity
• Maintenance Free – Long Warranty periods


Window film applications carry up to a twelve year warranty to protect you in the unlikely event of faulty product or poor workmanship. The window film manufacturer underwrites these warranties to give you total peace of mind.

Further information about our range of products can be summarized as:

• Solar Control Window Film
• Spectrally Selective Window Film
• Glare Reducing Window Film
• Energy Conservation & Insulation
• Safety Window Film
• Bomb Blast Protective Window Film
• Security Window Film
• Fade Reducing Window Film
• Dermagard
• Obscuring & Privacy Window Films
• Roof light - Conservatory Film 'CoolKote'
• Vinyl Graphics & Manifestations
• Fly & Insect Screens
• Crime shield
• Blinds

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