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Customers that have used Bristol Glazing


Mrs Barret:- "Excellent Work, I was very impressed with the job from beginning to end.."

Mr Bob Williams:- "What can I say very impressive, I would recommend Bristol Glazing to everyone.."

Mr and Mrs Morris:- "Brilliant Job, It was exactly what we wanted and great value for money.."

City of Bristol Council:- "Bristol Glazing have done exceptional work for us.."

Nia Harland:- "I really wanted a certain style of windows and Bristol Glazing delivered.."

Mrs G Turner:- "Bristol Glazing surprised me with how professional they were.."

Mr Wilshire:- "Excellent Job, extremely happy with the work"

Andy & Ruth Mcneil:- "We are very glad we chose Bristol Glazing & very happy with the work..."

Ashley Wright:- "lovely job, what can I say, nice door cheers..."


Consumer Check list


The UK Trades Confederation Ltd

Tel: 01274 223188

Fax: 01274 223189

Web Site:


Each year Trading Standards receive over 100,000 complaints about builders and associated trades. Therefore, this checklist is provided for your use free of charge by The U.K. Trades Confederation and is intended to help guide you through the many pitfalls and help you avoid using non-competent trades-people.  You can access UKTC vetted and approved tradesmen by calling 01274 223188.


Before You Start


Always check your legal requirements, such as Planning Permission.  You can find your local Planning Department via our web site and on the navigation bar select consumer advice and click the Local Planning Requirements link.  On the page select the link called ‘Find Your Planning Office’.


Double Glazing?


From April 2002 all installations have fallen under Building Regulations and therefore need to be passed by a Building Inspector, or self-certified by a FENSA or Certass registered firm. You can check FENSA or Certass membership by telephoning them, or by calling the UK Trades Confederation on 01274 223188. A registered company will give you a certificate showing installation is compliant to the law.


Electrical Works?


From 1st January 2005 most electrical works falls under changes to the Building Regulations known as Part ‘P’, and therefore need to be passed by a Building Inspector, or self-certified by an authorised company. A registered company will give you a certificate showing the work was carried was compliant to the law. You can access UKTC approved businesses that are also registered for part P by calling 01274 223188, or by speaking to such as Elecsa or NICEIC who operate Part P Competent Person Schemes.




Always add between 10-20% of the quoted price.  You may find that you encounter unforeseen problems or need to upgrade an item, or you may even have further ideas as the job progresses and request “extras”.  At least this way you will not have any embarrassing breaks in the project if funds are not in place to cover such eventualities.


Independent References


Never take contractor’s letters of reference as proof of a good company – they may not be genuine.  Always seek independent references from their Trade Association or ask to contact or visit at least two previous customers or jobs.  The UK Trades Confederation has references for all members as part of it’s’ membership vetting procedures.  Information on these can be gained by calling 01274 223188.


Insurance Certificate


Before work starts, always view the contractors current Public Liability insurance certificate.  You must make sure you SEE the certificate (anyone can say they have it) and always check the expiry date.


Play Safe – Use a Contract


Most trades-people and contractors should have a contract.  It should be easy to understand.  If you are in any doubt we advise consumers to use their own JCT contract as, in the unlikely event of a dispute, it makes provision for the procedure of arbitration. JCT Contracts can be acquired directly from our web site, or if you have received this guidance sheet by mail, there will be a leaflet enclosed.  Don’t take chances – always use a contract.




Guarantees offered by contractors are fine as long as the company is around to honour it when you need it – and if the company is credible enough to honour its commitment.  For peace of mind always insist on an Insurance Backed guarantee.  This way should the contractor become insolvent or is unable to complete the works, your project (and deposit – if deposit protection is included) is covered.  If your contractor/trades-person does not offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee advise them to contact The UK Trades Confederation where they can purchase these. 




If you encounter changes or alterations to the work you are having done then make sure you only deal with the owner of the business you are using.  Agreeing changes with the employees or sub-contractors can lead to unspecified extra cost and confusion.  IMPORTANT: make sure any changes are detailed in writing, including any additional charges, and are signed by both you and the contractor.




If your contractor displays a logo (such as that of The UK Trades Confederation), always contact the association to confirm valid, current membership.  If they are not members it is unlikely you will receive any help in the unfortunate situation of a dispute arising.   If they are using an emblem illegally you certainly should not be dealing with a business that considers such deception ethical.




Never give cash (or if you have to then insist on an official receipt) as many court proceedings are lost as a result of non-evidence of payment.  Always pay by cheque, credit/debit card or get a signed receipt.


Not Confident?


If after completing the above checks you still have any doubts about a business you are considering employing please contact us here at the U.K. Trades Confederation, as we offer a free service to consumers.  If they are UKTC members, we will be able to verify membership and tell you what some of their previous customers have said about them.


The UK Trades Confederation is an independent organisation set up to ensure that consumers and companies are able to find reliable, vetted and skilled contractors, trades-people and businesses.  If you require help (or if you are a business wishing to benefit from membership) please call 01274 223188. We are here to help.


Prepared and supplied by The UK Trades Confederation – copyright reserved 2008.


The UK Trades Confederation Limited.  Registered in England No. 03056402. Registered Office: Unit 18, Holroyd Business Centre, Carr Bottom Road, Bradford BD5 9BP




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