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Vertical Sliders

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Bristol Glazing Vertical Sliders


The Product:


Due to the characteristics of the existing primary window, the Balanced Vertical Slider is the most complex type of secondary glazing system. It is applied generally to older properties. It is particularly suited to the refurbishment and upgrade of the nation’s architectural heritage.






How it works:


The individually pre-tensioned spiral spring balances control the motion of the sash, enabling infinite vertical positioning. This design provides ease of movement and has been specially developed to withstand decades of wear and tear. Tilt in versions can be pivoted through almost 180 degrees. This is especially useful for cleaning but just as importantly can be crucial when considering fire escape requirements. All variations of the exclusive secondary glazing styles are completely compatible. Each type can be easily used with another no matter what the application may be.








Technical Specifications:


Hardwood Sub-Frames SIZES

21mm x 45mm Standard

21mm x 62mm Reveal fix

30mm x 30mm Bay Adaptor


Hardwood or PVCU Trims SIZES

6mm x 21mm S.B.N.

6mm x 27mm S.B.N.

6mm x 37mm S.B.N.

6mm x 44mm S.B.N.

6mm x 55mm S.B.N.

6mm x 75mm S.B.N.

6mm x 15mm D.B.N.

6mm x 33mm D.B.N.

6mm x 43mm D.B.N.



Aluminum alloy extruded to exclusive Granada designs from 6063T6 alloy to BS1474.



Natural anodising to AA5 - BS 3987 Polyester Powder to BS 6496. Stock finishes in EP white/Van Dyke brown. High gloss finish. 60 microns. Other RAL colours upon request.



In accordance with BS 6206. Choices of 4mm, 6mm Clear Float or toughened, 6.4mm, 6.8mm, 7.5mm Laminates and 6.4mm, 6.8mm, 7.0mm Acoustic Glass.


Maximum Sizes WIDTH x HEIGHT with 4mm glass

1200mm x 3150mm Vertical Sliders

1620mm x 3600mm Balanced Vertical Sliders

1620mm x 3600mm Tilt In Balanced Vertical Sliders


An up-rated specification can be obtained upon application to accommodate larger sizes.


Weather Pile

Polypropylene draught strip to BS 7386.



All gaskets extruded to BS 2782, standard colour black, white 4mm gasket also available.


Acoustics Please contact for info


Optional Extras

Chubb Locks

Flitch Lock

Restricted Opening Locks

Arched Heads

Gothic Heads

Stacking Units


Can be coupled with other products in the Bristol Glazing range using an exclusive range of interlocks.

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