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Secondary Glazing

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Bristol Glazings Secondary Glazing system


The Bristol Glazing Range:


The exclusive Granada range of secondary glazing is supplied fully assembled and comprises an aluminium outer frame joined to a seasoned hardwood surround which allows for a neat, unobtrusive installation even in the most difficult situations. A range of hardwood sub-frames and scribing trims can be used to assist face fixing, reveal fixing and the coupling of units. This allows the satisfactory refurbishment of our largest primary windows. Suitable for all types of premises including grade one and two listed buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, universities, hotels and commercial buildings i.e. offices.




The Bristol Glazing System:


Better by Design We have a comprehensive range of styles to suit just about every application, including Horizontal Sliders, Hinged Units, Fixed and Lift-Out Units, Vertical Sliders as well as Balanced Vertical Sliders and Tilt-in Balanced Vertical Sliders. We can supply frames in white, silver or brown as standard and can accommodate any R.A.L. colour upon request to suit individual requirements. We can also provide a wide range of glass types such as clear, patterned, toughened, laminated and acoustic. Whatever your requirements you can trust it to Granada.




Insulation Efficiency:


The Granada range of secondary glazing is renowned for its thermal efficiency. Varying degrees of improved thermal insulation can be achieved by using such glasses as Pilkington K and Low E. If glass is thermally at risk then care must be taken to specify toughened glass. The harmful effects of ultra violet radiation can also be reduced whilst letting in solar heat. In addition specialist films can be adhered to the glass to further increase thermal insulation whilst adding to the security of the product and the premises.



Noise Reduction:


Bristol Glazing units have been tested for sound reduction at the AIRO Acoustics Laboratory ( an accredited NAMAS Testing lab, number 0483 ) in accordance with BS2750: part 3 and BS5821: part 3 1980 : 1984, using a purpose built sound transmission suite. The findings of these tests can be seen by clicking Here. These tests were carried out in November 1997 as part of Granada's on-going research and development programme.



The Bristol Glazing Commitment to Quality:


At Bristol Glazing we use BS5750 part 2: 1987 as a foundation on which to build a genuine quality control programme, implemented to control customer supplied designs. We ensure that a weekly production / quality control meeting is held to co-ordinate the differing aspects of sales, production, quality and despatch. We personally check all calibrated equipment monthly and make all necessary adjustments. Monitoring of the critical parameters is carried out by our skilled craftsmen during all stages of fabrication. This system ha been implemented by ourselves since early 1997. Furthermore, we feel that because of our continual attention to maintain and improve standards, the quality of the products we supply exceed the industry norm.




Secondary Windows Specialist


As you probably know, double glazing consists of two panes of glass separated by an air pocket. Well, you already have one pane of glass and an abundant supply of air. So, all we do is add a second pane, surrounded by the latest aluminium framed work. It’s a worthwhile, constructive home improvement which makes everyday life more comfortable and less expensive.


To start with, Secondary Glazing reduces heat loss effectively. Air near the glass cools, falls and sweeps along the floor only to be warmed by the fire again, making it rise and flow back to the windows. It’s a vicious circle. One that causes those nasty draughts around your ankles on cold winter nights.


Secondary Glazing prevents cold spots too, giving the whole room an even temperature so theres no need to huddle around the fire. Besides, cutting heating bills, it also reduces external noise, deadening the continual rumble of heavy traffic without actually cutting you off from the rest of the world. We have a wide range of styles to suit every home, be it traditional or modern. Even if you don’t see the design you want, just ask us and we’ll make the style to your own specifications. Being aluminum, our frames are slim and strong, manufactured from a high-grade material used in many other high-performance products, providing the perfect base for a long-lasting finish. The traditional tough brilliant white finish, is achieved by thermally bonding the aluminum at 200 degrees centigrade with one of the toughest and most durable polyester paint compounds known to man, to a level that is three times as thick as the paint used in most other windows.



Secondary Glazing



Extruded Aluminum Alloy to BS1474 6063T6.

White Polyester Powder Paint Finish to BS6496 with an average film thickness of 75 microns.

System is designed to accept 4 mm or 6 mm glazing.

Draught sealing is effected by the use of high quality silicone treated woven polypropylene.

Fully concealed fixing to prime window.








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