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The soffit is mounted outside of a house under the eaves. It can be used in many roof structures. It improves the aesthetic appearance of the house and provides adequate ventilation. The soffit is mounted in non-available places, therefore no need to provide maintenance becomes a very looked for value. It preserves a very beautiful appearance for many years.


White Soffit


Fascias, soffits, and guttering are a part of most homes, and can require regular maintenance and painting if made of wood. However with UPVC fascias, soffits and guttering this maintenance can be eliminated.

Choose from a full replacement service where the existing timbers are removed and replaced with UPVC, or choose to have the existing timber clad with UPVC cover boards.


UPVC Brown Soffit


A variety of colour options are available to compliment your home, including white, brown, rosewood, oak and black finishes.


Rooline Description



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