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U-PVC panels

U-PVC panels are an ideal solution for cladding facades, fascia boards and roof projections. They can also be used to finish interior walls and ceilings, outbuildings and public utility facilities.

Our panels come in a wide range of colours to optimally finish any building. Different finishing profiles and additional accessories such as ventilation grates and special profiles provide for the necessary ventilation of walls and roofs.

Profiles, panels and boards of foam PVC

An integrated maintenance-free solution

Bristol Glazing profiles of Cellular PVC to finish roofs. As one of the few suppliers on the market, we offer a complete roof finishing system in different colours: white, brown, black, sand, golden oak, mahogany and black ash.

The system consists of a front board made of foamed PVC and panels and finishing profiles made of hard PVC. Bristol Glazing offers 10-year guarantee on white roof finishing.


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