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By choosing Bristol Glazing windows with Superspacer.



...reduce noise by up to 2dB.
Our products have been proven to reduce noise transmission by up to 2dB.



...reduce condensation by up to 70%.
This virtually eliminates the potential breeding ground for mould growth and the bacteria that can be harmful to those who suffer from asthma.



...reduce heat loss by 94%.
Bristol Glazing thermally efficient products are such that they can help reduce heat loss by a staggering 94%. 950x less conductive.
Super Spacer no metal technology prevents thermal bridging. This is when warm air is sucked to the outer side of the window.


...block energy loss.
Small things make a big difference. Aluminium spacers suck heat from inside to the outside causing energy loss through your windows. No-metal Super Spacer locks heat in so saving energy and money. warmer at the edge.
Bristol Glazing windows have a warmer internal edge temperature of up 65%, which reduces heat loss and energy.



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