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Bistol Glazings Cavity Closures


Cavity Closers from Bristol Glazing


Providing efficient and cost effective methods of accurate construction of reveals


Where windows and doors are to be installed during the construction of new buildings or extensions, the use of 'Professional' Cavity Closers, or formers, provides an efficient and cost effective method of accurate construction of reveals, assists with compliance to Building Regulations Part C, Part F and Part L and affords fast fitting of finished frames.




Manufactured from impact resistant and thermally efficient PVC-U, 'Professional' Cavity Closers are ready fabricated in pre-determined sizes. They can be supplied as a three sided sub frame with a removable horizontal timber brace that provides stability during building. Alternatively, to meet Part F of Building Regulations for ventilation, a four sided frame is available with a slotted vented head section.


'Professional' Cavity Closers are simply built in and held securely in place with brick ties. When ready, windows or doors fabricated to suit the Closer dimensions, are quickly 'fitted' into the Closer from the outside. The Closer size must be provided when ordering windows and doors to fit.


To suit the majority of cavities, 'Professional' Cavity Closers are fabricated using 75mm profiles. 100mm and other sizes of closer profile can be supplied to order.


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