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Victorian Conservatory Design

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A Victorian Design Conservatory has 5 or more sides (Facets) with the corners to the front angled.



This design has an apexed roof structure. This elegant design blends in nicely with a certain style of house. The main disadvantage of this conservatory is the cut off corners lead to less floor space than a square conservatory and the angled corners are harder to furnish. The Victorian Conservatory comes in three main designs 3 Facet Front (Equal) – Because the front 3 facet are equal this means a lot of space is lost at the front of the conservatory. If space is an issue the 3 Facet front (Stretched front) is the design to choose. 3 Facet Front (Stretched Front) – (The Conservatory Expert Choice) The Front Facet is larger than the two angled facets mean less space is lost to the front of the conservatory. (Aim for the angled facets to be 850mm) This will give you the look of a Victorian put is more practical than the 3 Facet Front (Equal) or 5 Facet Front (Equal) 5 Facet Front (Equal) – This particular design has more of a rounded look that the three facet designs but is extremely hard to furnish and will cost more than the 3 facet design but be less practical.



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