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Conservatory Leadwork

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Conservatory Lead Flashing


This is the best long term method of sealing the conservatory against the house. Well installed lead flashing will seal your new conservatory against the elements of the British weather. This method is time consuming and should only be done by trained fitters. (Conservatory expert – This method is a must)




Lead Flashing Stepped into the brickwork and sealed – This particular roof (Zoom) has a section for the lead to sit in within the aluminium roof structure that sits against the wall.


Flashband for Conservatories


This is an easier method to install but it looks unsightly and will break down a lot quicker than the above method. This method tends to be used by companies that sell a cheaper product. This method should be avoided to improve the life span of you new conservatory  




This Conservatory Has Been installed using flashband

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