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Conservatory Insulation (Improving Thermal Performance)


Good insulation is essential if you want to use your conservatory all year round. Good insulation keeps your conservatory warm in the winter and reduces the amount of heating required. The most important points to look for with regards to insulation are as follows:


Insulation Floor - Warm Floor

Substantial heat is lost through poorly insulated floors or floors that aren’t insulated at all. A warm floor is where insulation (Usually 100mm polystyrene) is laid before the concrete floor is laid. This creates the “warm floor”. This reduces the heat lost through the floor and keeps the concrete slab at a higher temperature (Conservatory Expert – think about upgrading the 100mm polystyrene to a better performing rigid insulation 100mm King span, Eco therm or similar performing rigid insulation)



The dwarf wall will be constructed as a cavity wall. It is very important to make sure adequate insulation is installed within the cavity wall. This will help keep your conservatory warm and reduce heat loss through the brickwork Polycarbonate Polycarbonate used in conservatory roof should be either 32mm or 35mm. With as many chambers as possible. 6 Chambered (7 Walls) is ideally what should be installed to give the conservatory good insulation values


Argon Filled Units

Replaces the air inside the glass unit. Since it is heavier than air and isn’t in continuous motion like air is greatly reduces the transference of heat and cold (Convection). In simple terms the argon gas provides extra insulation and energy efficiency. It Reduces heat loss by up to 20% K Glass Is used on the inside pane of glass. K/Low E glass keeps heat in. It works by allowing heat from the sun in (Shortwave) and by reflects heat from fires/radiators (Long wave) back in. This therefore improves thermal efficiency.



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