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Conservatory Glazing

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Conservatory Glazing (Sides)


The glass that is used on the sides of a conservatory glass is usually clear glass however there are circumstances when frosted patterned glass will be used on the neighbouring side of a conservatory or when it’s positioned close to a wall/fence. All low level glazing (Where glass line is below 800mm) is toughed and all glass in French doors is toughened. Glass units will consist of two pieces of 4mm glass with an overall distance of either 28mm or 24mm. The set up of the glass on the sides can be changed depending on what you are trying to achieve.


K Glass (Low E Glass) - Is used on the inside pane of glass. K/Low E glass keeps heat in. It works by allowing heat from the sun in (Shortwave) and by reflects heat from fires/radiators (Longwave) back in. This therefore improves thermal efficiency. Not recommended for south facing houses.


Argon Filled Units – Replaces the air inside the glass unit. Since it is heavier than air and isn’t in continuous motion like air is greatly reduces the transference of heat and cold (Convection). In simple terms the argon gas provides extra insulation and energy efficiency. It Reduces heat loss by up to 20%.


(Conservatory Expert – Argon Filled Low E units are particularly suited to north facing conservatories where solar gain is not an issue and will minimise heat loss in the winter)

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